Experience as 3D Modeling Consultant for Mining Companies

Specialized in 3-D, 4-D Modeling, Resources Uncertainty Simulations, Block Models, Progressive Deterioration areas from Seismic Modeling, Design of Geometries for Finite Element Models, Structural Modeling.


Civil Mining Engineer

MS, Ph.D. Mining Engineering - University of Utah

3D FEM Model


Eduardo Cordova

Santiago, Chile   |  +56-95-412-3108  |  info@integralmining.com

We are focused in designing solutions for the mining industry specializing in Underground Mine Designs, 3-D Geological Modeling, Mine Planning Scenarios, 3-D Modeling, 4-D Seismic Modeling, Finite Element Models.


We can help our clients develop robust models in 3-D that can be used in different platforms avoiding the duplicity of information while optimizing the time to build them.

We can provide "State of the Art" solutions focused in your problem.

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